Print Money

Money Does Grow on Trees

Well, not quite. But we may have found the next best thing. Coin Cafe has been working on a small part of our portfolios. Utilising the profit that we have extracted from the market

( to reduce risk exposure ), we know it is possible to let technology take control. Our team have identified and tested several BOTS.


BOTS are generally automated trading software that buys and sells depending on market conditions. We have tried more than a few. Some work, some did not work for us. Depending on which software you purchase, you should be able to choose your trading pair and sit back to enjoy the gains. The only downside is that they are only as good as the developer who has programmed them after the initial setup BOTS programmed to run by themselves.

In the search for BOTS that do as advertised, we have also seen some good gains from companies that will trade on your behalf. Again we have found good ones and not so good ones. Listed below are where we found success. This does not guarantee your success. You will need to put your assets in the hands of someone else, so make sure their reputation stands up.


If you happen to know of something else that became fruitful, pay it forward. We can share it on here ( after testing ).


24/7 Trading

Thank you! Crypto Laps, follow his Youtube channel to understand one of our favourite BOTS in-depth. He has taken the time to create a series of videos on Crypto Hopper.


Automated trading allows you to trade 24/7 days, 365 days a year. Humans can’t trade this much. 


Cryptohopper offers a ( free ) seven-day trial to see if BOT trading is for you. No cards required (which is excellent)





Meets FX


Use your crypto to trade fiat in the foreign exchange (FX) market. Working with CFX is seamless without much more than lifting a finger; we take our crypto gains and make more gains and get paid back in crypto weekly. Think of it as a diversification asset, but with all the benefit of more crypto gains. CFX amalgamate artificial intelligence, human intelligence and, best of all, our favourite crypto to make the most out of fiat. They trade with your money and share the rewards.

Alex Russell has followed his journey and explains it well - Thanks, Alex!. Check out his Youtube Channel for more on passive incomes.




Mine it!


Big Shout out to BarTech TV. Who showed us how to use our existing machine to start mining ADA using the X and the Daedalus Wallet.


UnMinable have made it really easy to do this using XmRig. Follow the instruction and start earning ADA now. Keep in mind that the value of ADA will change over time.