Certainly Not About Us

CoinCafé is a platform to gain knowledge in the Omniverse of everything crypto-related. We can shower you with an abundance of information, insight and tools to develop your digital assets as we all shift into a new system if you choose to.


Along with my Brothers and Sisters, we act as the light of your journey.  We do not ask anything from you in return, only that you pay it forward in some way or another. The content of CoinCafe is for those who are ready to take control. We do not give financial advice. You are the Creator, a creator of everything that you desire. It all takes work and is, therefore, a lifestyle choice.


We love what we do. We learn every day. CoinCafé is a platform to share all of the relevant content from our family around this beautiful rock we know as Earth. We are assisting you in making light work of your goals and aspirations. If you believe or merely think that you are worthy of them, you see this for a reason. Maybe it is to tell a friend, or perhaps it is for you?



These are still early days and the ideal time to learn, reach up and grab it from the cookie jar. It is yours for the taking. You deserve it!


This new space is not only about buying and selling coins. If you scrap that concept immediately, you can expect the unexpected. Are you creative? Artist? Musician?   It is now possible to place your work in a new market in the digital world. Want to sit back and put your feet up? Enjoy life with your children? Passive incomes support this kind of lifestyle. The opportunities are endless. All you need to do is wake up and smell the coffee. We did!


There are several ways to win and lose money in cryptocurrencies, we know. We have. It's all about bouncing back and staying on the correct path. To the moon! Don't have any money to get started? Then you don't need it.


Digital currencies may not be exactly what you think. Like a multi-faceted diamond, the opportunities are endless. By collating and sharing all that is in this space, we learn more each and every single day.


We do not promote any 'get rich quick schemes '. Although, trust me when I say, 'getting rich quick certainly beats getting rich slow.'